ELEGANZA™ 3D Дървен панел за стена


Размер на продукта: 244 х 60 х 2.5 см
Допълнителни продукти: 1х 300 мл лепило, 1х комплект винтове, 1х декоративни корнизи

Колко акустични панела ви трябват? – Пробвайте нашия калкулатор Покажи калкулатора

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What are wooden
acoustic panels?

Eleganza™ wood paneling delights users all over the world. They are the perfect solution with which you can transform any place into a modern space that will amaze you. They are made with high-quality laminated wooden slats, mounted directly on the soundproof base panel. Such a construction completely covers the wall or ceiling, so there is no need to prepare the surface on which the panels will be mounted. The panels are available in different colors.

You can easily design them yourself according to your needs. They have been shown to absorb the propagation of sound waves, significantly improving the acoustic properties of a room. They are suitable for use in living rooms, offices, bedrooms, children’s rooms, even kitchens or bathrooms.

Explore the features

Wooden panels bring a natural warmth and coziness to any space.

They complement a wide range of interior design styles, from rustic to modern.

Properly maintained wood panels can last for decades.

Wood can help improve acoustic insulation in a room.

Wood provides some thermal insulation, helping regulate temperature.

Using sustainably sourced wood promotes environmental responsibility.

Routine dusting and occasional polishing keep wooden panels looking great.

Wood panels can be stained, painted, or finished to match your desired color and style.

Panels can hide wall imperfections, adding to a smooth and polished appearance.

Wooden paneling can enhance the resale value of your property.

Included in the package

1 x 3D Wood Wall Panel

1 x Trim Moldings

1 x 300ml adhesive

1 x Set of Screws



Technical Insights

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Get your color sample now for only €19,99 and with free delivery!

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„These wooden panels transformed my living room. They added a touch of nature and elegance that completely refreshed the space. I’m thrilled with the quality and look!“


„The wooden panels not only improved the aesthetics of my home but also made a noticeable difference in sound quality. They added both style and functionality.“


„As a designer, I’m always on the lookout for quality materials, and these panels tick all the boxes. They’re versatile, eco-friendly, and look fantastic in any setting.“

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It is super easy to mount the panels, and most people can mount the panels all by themselves. If you just have the smallest craftsman hidden in you, and know how to use a saw and a screwdriver, then you should also be able to mount the panels yourself. Some of our customers prefer to get professional to help installing the panels. Since the product is easy to work with, any professional can help you set up the panels, even if they have not tried it before. We recommend that you contact your local carpenter or similar if you need help with the installation. You can also take a look at our installation instructions and videos.

Yes it is super easy. The panels can be cut with any saw (we recommend a circular saw), and if you need to cut the panel through the felt, this can be done with a hobby knife. It doesn’t get easier.

The type of screws you need depends on the type of wall the panels are to be mounted on. In some cases, wall plugs are required for the installation to last. You need to find screws that can work with the material your wall is made of. As a rule of thumb, we recommend black screws, as the mounting will be invisible on the black felt.

You can easily mount the panels directly on a surface – you do not necessarily have to put it up on a formwork. If you struggle with bad acoustics, we would recommend that you mount it on a 45 mm formwork with mineral wool behind.

You can mount the acoustic panels on all surfaces, including brick and concrete walls, etc. You can either glue them to the wall or use screws.

Yes, it is possible to mount the panels with glue – it is a somewhat more permanent solution than with screws. Since it is a strong adhesive that you need to use, the wall can be damaged if the panels have to be taken down one day.

We don’t recommend using the panels in rooms where they are likely to get in direct contact with liquids, since the wood can be damaged by humidity and water.

If you have sockets or electrical outlets etc. on a wall the best solutions is to cut a hole in the panels and install the outlets on surface of the wood panels.

Yes, you can bend the panels around curves. The felt is made from recycled plastic and is very flexible, which enables you to bend the panels around curvy corners.

Yes it’s no problem – you can e.g. cut a groove in the felt which the cable can be put into.

We can unfortunately not handle special cuts in our production – we can only produce the panels in a standard dimension of 240 x 60 cm.
However you can easily cut the them yourself. The panels can be cut with any saw (we recommend a circular saw) and if you need to shorten the panel in the width, you can cut down through the felt with a hobby knife. Super easy!

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